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welcome back to the comic, kiyohara. welcome back to the comic, drinko brand soft drink.

#14: professor kiyohara

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Redwater is often poetically referred to as the “Crossroads of the Occident”. Of course, for much of its history, it was less a crossroads and more a sort of spigot which poured the wealth of the Restored Empire into the coffers of Kyokanese and Beiguese merchant factors, trading company officers, and crooked colonial administrators. Fortunately,… Continue reading #14: professor kiyohara

the 990s were the one decade where all the horrible colors kiyohara dresses in never stood out

#17: memory lane

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here’s been a bunch of cool stuff on the iothera fan art tumblr lately! magnolia shows why kiyohara probably shouldn’t make any contracts to become a magical girl, and lily proves that jumping on a space trampoline would probably be more fun than that anyway

careening down the corridors under lunar gravity is probably pretty fun, not gonna lie. it was probably less fun before they padded the ceiling.

#18: i’m an astrophysicist, not a geologist

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sorry this is so late, like a million things happened in between the last update and now– plagues, hurricanes, exciting train voyages along the northeast corridor, etc. i’ll try to get better about actually updating frequently

cosmonaut murder machine would make a good band name

#23: cosmonaut murder and dog explosions

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the other problem with a manned FTL mission is that there’s no workable solution to long-range FTL communication, so they’d have to wait a year for the radio signal from tau clepsydrae to reach iothera, but kiyohara figures even sato would know that