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#100: congratulations on 100 years of iothera

#100: congratulations on 100 years of iothera published on 1 Comment on #100: congratulations on 100 years of iothera

page 100! that’s basically meaningless since the twines had like dozens and dozens of pages worth of content but counted as one page each. but still. 100!!!! can’t believe i started this comic in 1916, in the opening weeks of the battle of verdun

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Between yesterday and today,
I just splurged through all of the comics (on this incarnation, anyway)–
— you/this is SO AWESOME.

side note: as a cisgender mostly heterosexual male, i LOVE that you are giving me insight into at least one particular fictional person’s life
of what it’s [can be] like to be trans.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this incredibly uplifting, sexy, inspiring, intelligent, competent(? what do i know; i’m straight and cis, but it seems competent) image of this.
I didn’t/haven’t really “grokked” transgender before — and I know, it’s impossible for me to without living it — and this is only one teeny tiny dimension of one fictional character’s life — and it doesn’t scarcely begins to account for all the shit and trauma that anyone who’s trans in our society is almost guaranteed to go through —
— and.
Thank you for helping to educate this cisgender heteronormative male.

Thank you for making trans = normal.

You’re doing good work — keep it up.

p.s. none of this is to say that i’m not still ignorant as all get-out
— so, sincere apologies if i’ve inadvertently said anything above that’s unintentionally disrespectful or generalizing; i did my best to avoid making cliche or generally obtrusive statements.

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