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#23: cosmonaut murder and dog explosions

#23: cosmonaut murder and dog explosions published on 7 Comments on #23: cosmonaut murder and dog explosions

the other problem with a manned FTL mission is that there’s no workable solution to long-range FTL communication, so they’d have to wait a year for the radio signal from tau clepsydrae to reach iothera, but kiyohara figures even sato would know that


a year? they are that close together? i mean a light year apart is a bit… close.
-if- i remember cosmic theory right that would put them almost into a double star system. at the very least the heliopause would be grinding against each other.

also dont underestimate the stupidity of bureaucracy and bureaucrats…

A light year is approximately 6 trillion miles. I don’t think we know the exact extent of the heliopause, but Wikipedia suggests it’s probably in the ballpark of 100-200 AU. If we assume 200 AU and double that (one for each star) we get a bit shy of 40 billion miles, less than 1% of the distance between the two stars.

Which isn’t to say that they wouldn’t have any meaningful effect on each other. I don’t know enough cosmology to know the answer to that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they would.

Basically despite being tiny compared to the universe a light year is ****ing huge compared to us, or even a star.

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