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Born: 1 January 995, Ariadne, New Daleria, Valencia.
Age: 26
Species: Elf
Citizenship: Dominion of Valencia, Restored Empire

Cassandra Navarathna is a postgraduate student at Queensgate University working on a doctorate in astrothaumatology— the study of magical phenomena in space. She’s always been a dreamer, with a very romanticized view of science.

Born:  1 May 824, Torcalainth, Ilthmir.
Age: 197
Species: Half-elf
Citizenship: Republic of Kyokan, Union of the East.

Kiyohara Takako is a visiting professor of astrophysics at the Imperial University of Redwater/Akamizu, and Cassandra’s best friend and roommate. Over her long and storied career, she’s studied any number of astronomical phenomena— you kind of have to, when you’ve been in academia for 179 years— but her current area of research is FTL.


Born: 30 April 1000, Harbourton, Marland, Kingdom of Chartannia
Age: 21
Species: Elf
Citizenship: Kingdom of Chartannia, Restored Empire

Maureen Elizabeth Ramsay is an art student at Queensgate University and Cassandra’s girlfriend. As a painter, she’s what passes for bohemian in straitlaced Harbourton.

Born: 3 October 968, Lonbridge, Marland, Kingdom of Chartannia
Age: 52
Species: Human
Citizenship: Kingdom of Chartannia, Restored Empire

Dr. Aloysius Blake is Queensgate University’s Queen Annalise Professor of Astrothaumatology and Cassandra’s faculty advisor. Fourteen years ago, he was part of the famous Expedition Six to Luna Major, the first Iotheran expedition to find Seb artifacts on the moons.