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I used to be a reader back when you were doing The Midlands and only recently rediscovered your work. Glad to see you’re still making comics!

As to what the Kestrel Project is… my bet is that Sir Robert found some sort of complex bit of Seb machinery and needs some help figuring out what it does.

That seems to be the only logical explanation, yeah.

Random question for the author, that I’ve been meaning to ask:

If I recall correctly, the Kestrel Project is about developing a Lightspeed or Faster-than-Light space travel drive, yeah?
–> Is its name a reference to the spaceship simulation roguelike, Faster than Light? (

I’ve never played Faster Than Light, so it’s not a reference to that. The name partly stems from the kestrel falcon, whose characteristic ability to hover in stationary air before diving is similar to certain aspects of Iotheran FTL technology for reasons which, for now, are tantalizing unstated.

It’s also a slight video game spaceship nod, but something older and more obscure than Faster Than Light. :V

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