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#9: maureen

#9: maureen published on 10 Comments on #9: maureen

Emperor Karel I van Kortrijk, also known as Carolus the Strong, was elected Emperor of the Restored Empire in A.R. 645. The second son of the King of Landsmeer, he was the first emperor to come from eastern Sannadoc— it was that golden moment when the Eastern trade made the electors of Landsmeer and Weserland fat with profit, but before the Eastern trade led to boatloads of Kyokanese  and Beiguese company soldiers with guns and big plans for the West showing up.

He was also the emperor who brought Chartannia into the Restored Empire, marshaling all the resources of the Restored Empire for a massive invasion of the island nation. King Alexander II bent the knee, and in return was allowed to keep his crown and gain elector status. Later Chartannian monarchs would gain several other electorates to hand out to favored dukes or duchesses as they saw fit, and Chartannia is now one of the most influential member states of the Restored Empire.

The van Kortrijks still hold the throne of Landsmeer, so there’s still a van Kortrijk emperor or empress from time to time.


oh wow.
yeah id find that hard to give up too.

lol. no spaceward ho!

And so the ridiculously convoluted back-story-that-really-has-nothing-to-do-with-anything-starts-again! While I once hearkened for this in RMG’s comics, like I hearken for it in most other authors works, I know now that it will only be a bunch of slightly interesting information that will in the end mean absolutely nothing due to an short and concise premature ending to the web comic! Yet here I am, whether I like how you do it or not sir, you write web-comics that one comes back to.

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