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4 PM? But Ariadne isn’t far east of Harbourton

This looks like the same room as page 27.

Maybe the planer’s bigger than you thought? or turns more slowly, so the time zones are thinner?

Just roll with it!

it seems like iothera operates on the same 24-hr system as earth, so regardless of the size of the planet or the speed of its rotation, the surface still has to have at most 24 hours represented on it.

however its important to bear in mind that time zones are an artificial construction and dont always behave in a predictable way even on earth. some countries observe daylight savings time, while others dont, meaning that the amount of difference between two time zones can vary by season. when you take into account real weird things like the half-hour time zones, this doesnt seem like a serious worldbuilding oversight.

anyway isnt that map from heliothaumic? i thought the rebooted world had a completely different map. i dont see redwater across the river from harbourton so…

that’s pretty much the current map (i do want to clean it up a bit when i have time and make some of the geography a bit less inelegant)

there’s not really room to show both harbourton and redwater at that scale, so “harbourton” can probably be taken to mean the greater harbourton area

I make it 70 degrees, which would be about five hours normally. But if you assume that something like daylight savings time exists, that can account for an hour, and as Jesse suggested, it’s not unusual for time zones to be adjusted to make land masses more uniform or for political reasons (e.g. China is entirely on Beijing time, despite having bits in 5 nominal time zones). Therefore, a seven hour difference is not out of the question.

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