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Okay, color me confused. Is this the newest iteration of the Midlands:Heliothaumic saga, or a brand new webcomic entirely? I haven’t followed the forums since RMG ended Midlands, so i don’t really know whats happening. Is this reboot number 2? Is that horribly god-awful comic “The Water Clock” or whatever dead now? Can you please just go back to doing the Midlands and drop all the fancy pantsy Victorian crap? Slaughterbot?

remember when you posted this comment on the water clock?

This is fucking shit, heliothaumic was slightly less shit, dump all this crap and pick up where you were with the midlands you twat! Thats why your fan-base is non-existent now, NO MIDLANDS = NO LIKEY!

ah, good times

you DO know the midlands ended five years ago, right?

Never saw midlands. Loved heliothaumic, and I’m glad you returned to that world. Sorry to see the water clock end just as it began, it looked really promising. In an ideal world, you’d be able to pursue both. I’ve done grad school, I know the toll it takes.

You have fans. Lots of ’em. Trolls gonna troll.

Follow your muse, and we’ll follow you.

And if you put the comments right on the comic page, you’d probably get more…

Holy shit, I feel the most warmth and devotion I’ve received since your real fans who actually used to care about what you did posted with me back on the good old Errant-Story/Midlands forums. You didn’t answer any of my questions…which is fine, I mean here we are seven days since this strip was put up, and there isn’t even a new comic, so basically I should expect nothing less. I do know the Midlands ended five years ago, but I also know it was the only good comic you have produced to date. Heliothaumic was alright, but was it good? No. Did it make me feel committed? No. The Water-Clock was complete absolute non-sense, and whilst I have somewhat reserved hopes for this new comic of yours, I cannot help but yearn for the glory days! I’m not really “trolling” as other commentators have seen fit to….comment…but am just expressing my opinion about your works. You have to admit there has at least been a slight (to put it lightly) drop in your traffic and views since you’ve continuously ended comics before they really began, I just hope to see this one doesn’t go in that direction too.

Slight Addition here; I will stop posting snarky comments and other crap people do not seem to appreciate if you do me one fucking solid. I would like you to just tell us all why you ended the Midlands, and not a cop-out reason like “It was full of plots that sounded good to a teenager but I no longer like them!”. This is something that honestly seems more suited to a forum post, and I would put it on a forum…if this new comic had one…

Also if anyone is interested in reading The Midlands, as it seems not everyone here has even heard of it, I will gladly upload it in its entirety to Rapidshare or Mediafire or some other hosting sight so you may all download it. I’ll link it in the comments if people care to download it.

“It was full of plots that sounded good to a teenager but I no longer like them!”

When an artist no longer likes their own work, that is the best reason to stop. When a storyteller’s stories start to get away from them, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Sorry you’re still suffering for your loss, but it doesn’t mean you should harass the one person who’s actually trying to deal with that loss and move on!

Oh, and some of us felt plenty committed to heliothoumic, thakyouverymuch.

Just my $.02.

Regardless of my disdain due to RMG’s cutting off all ties to The Midlands for no apparent reason (or at least in my opinion, not a good one) I still read all of Heliothaumic and, vampire-elves aside, just thought it had started gaining some steam when it was cut off for no apparent reason! I just find the lack of communication annoying. At least he keeps recurring characters, or I wouldn’t even be here. God I love all the happy responses i’m getting.

Apparantly we can’t do replies more than 3 deep…

“…when it was cut off for no apparent reason! I just find the lack of communication annoying.”

I thought RMG explained it pretty well in the blog posts. You read those, right? Or were you expecting something more personal, like an email or a phone call?

“God I love all the happy responses i’m getting.”

Cosidering the amount of vitriol in your first post, your responses, and your track record (as indicated by what RMG pulled up), you really shouldn’t be surprised. Although I guess most people don’t feed trolls, and maybe I should stop now, even though you’re not a typical troll.

More like a gnome. Smaller, less damage, but every bit as annoying. 😉

Wow, you bring a whole new understanding of the phrase, “Self-entitled prick,” don’t you, Eddie? I liked Midmands, and I loved Heliothaumic, and while I wasn’t a huge fan of Water Clock, they all had one great thing in common between ’em (well, they had several, but one’s important to this point.)

They were all created entirely FREE for our viewing pleasure by RMG, who has to put in hours of time and effort to create the work. Enjoying a comic doesn’t give you ownership of it, nor does it give you license to spew vitriol and stupidity if the creator decides to do something else.

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