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june 2015 update

june 2015 update published on 1 Comment on june 2015 update

i guess i should post an actual news update here? if only to push that hella out of date commissions post off the front page since commissions have been closed for like a year at this point

so yeah! as you’ve noticed, we’re back to updating semi-regularly with normal pages after those two twine games that took months to do. i’m really happy with how they came out, and experimenting with new ways to tell stories, and i definitely want to leave the door open for more of that thing in the future. but… well, hopefully in such a way where the site doesn’t go dark for like five months at a time. for now, though, things should be back to normal. there should be a page every week-ish, and then hopefully more often than that as i get back into the swing of drawing these things faster. hashtag #goals i guess. updates more frequently than every five months, anyway.


Commissions!!! published on No Comments on Commissions!!!

Hey everyone, guess what? Have you ever wanted to exchange currency for a drawing? I’m now offering commissions!

Black and White: $20 (+$10 for each additional character)

image imageimage

Black and white/monochrome commissions feature your choice of screentones or crosshatching! Or neither, i guess, but I don’t have an example sitting around right now.

Color: $30 (+$15 per additional character)

imageimage image

See also recent Iothera pages to get a better sense of this level of quality.

To start off with, I’m going to open up five slots:






If you’d like to be one of these five lucky people, email me at and we’ll talk! Be sure to put “COMMISSION” in the subject line so your email isn’t gobbled up by my spam filter.

I’ll draw your own characters, fandom stuff, your fan troll, whatever— if you can send me references, I can do it. My only stipulation is that you keep the content level around what I show in Iothera, so no gross violence or whatever.

Anyway, celebrate the holidays by giving me your money and then getting a drawing!