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#113: the long shadow of kiyohara shigeo’s principles of thaumaturgy

#113: the long shadow of kiyohara shigeo’s principles of thaumaturgy published on 2 Comments on #113: the long shadow of kiyohara shigeo’s principles of thaumaturgy

this page is dedicated to the memory of the mars climate orbiter, taken before its time by a unit conversion error. good night, sweet mars prince.

Valeria I was a rushed Restored Empire effort to catch up with the Kyokanese Tenma FTL missions. And in a certain technical sense, it was the most successful FTL mission of all time, since it (presumably) was sent further from Iothera than any other man-made object in history. Unfortunately, it has absolutely no way of orienting itself towards Iothera (or towards wherever Iothera will in however long it takes a radio signal to travel however many lightyears it is between Valeria I and Iotherea) and transmitting its location or status.

Since then, the Restored Empire brought in Robert Cross to clean house in their FTL program, and the result was the Royal Tau Clepsydrae Orbiter’s successful jump to a stable orbit around Tau Clepsydrae and a knighthood for Sir Robert. Unfortunately, by that point the Kyokanese Space Ministry had already sent several Tenma-2 probes into orbits around TC’s individual planets, and a year later a stream of invaluable mapping and climate data about exoplanets was flowing back to the Ministry, making the prospect of a manned mission much more realistic. As a reward for her key role in the development of the first two Tenma probes, Dr. Kiyohara Takako was placed in charge of putting together a proposal for a manned Tenma-3 spacecraft, and solving the thorny issue of doing so without killing its crew, which is the trickiest part of any manned spaceflight, really.

Sir Robert Cross has since departed Iothera for the Restored Empire’s top-secret research facilities on Luna Minor, where he is leading Kestrel Project, which is definitely an effort to plan a manned FTL mission, and not some other thing that is not an FTL drive.

iothera game… un-announcement :(

iothera game… un-announcement :( published on 2 Comments on iothera game… un-announcement :(

ok. so. the iothera game that was being planned didn’t work out and so i guess that most of the time i was working on it was basically just a hiatus instead. a hiatus that was actually p. good for me to have for a bunch of personal reasons!! but p. bad in terms of actually posting iothera content. :V

but hey! the good news is that you’re finding out about this in a post beneath a nice new comic. and for the foreseeable future it’ll just more more pages of comic, as opposed to months-long projects that may or may not result in anything usable

here comes another iothera game

here comes another iothera game published on No Comments on here comes another iothera game

so… remember how i posted about taking some time off to concentrate on writing? in a development that in retrospect shouldn’t be surprising at all, that writing eventually hatched into a new game idea. now that i have a better sense of how long an iothera game might conceivably take, i’ll try to do my best to post regular progress reports here and on the official iothera tumblr

i always feel so bad when i’m working on a game and the site goes dark for ages! but i’m really excited to continue trying out new ways to tell stories on the internet. hopefully, you’ll be excited to see it when it goes up!

october 2015 update note

october 2015 update note published on 1 Comment on october 2015 update note

this doesn’t mean a lot since iothera updates at completely random intervals anyway, but for the next week or so i’ve decided to devote all my comic time to writing scripts since i’ve completely run through my script backlog and it needs to be replenished

this might make the next update seem late-ish??? or maybe after i get the writing done actually drawing it will be fast and it will show up at after a more usual length of time

anyway writing is important and i need some time to do it without feeling like i should also be drawing a comic at the same time :V

june 2015 update

june 2015 update published on 1 Comment on june 2015 update

i guess i should post an actual news update here? if only to push that hella out of date commissions post off the front page since commissions have been closed for like a year at this point

so yeah! as you’ve noticed, we’re back to updating semi-regularly with normal pages after those two twine games that took months to do. i’m really happy with how they came out, and experimenting with new ways to tell stories, and i definitely want to leave the door open for more of that thing in the future. but… well, hopefully in such a way where the site doesn’t go dark for like five months at a time. for now, though, things should be back to normal. there should be a page every week-ish, and then hopefully more often than that as i get back into the swing of drawing these things faster. hashtag #goals i guess. updates more frequently than every five months, anyway.