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Thigh-length sky-blue hakama with clouds over a leotard, nice. I’d ask that Takako never change, except that outfit changes seem to be an integral part of her appearance/style/character etc heh. Haven’t been paying enough attention, but do existing outfits (or pieces thereof) show up again regularly? Keeping track of characters’ wardrobes seems like something you might do.

Awww, I wanted to see the awkward-as-fuck party…

Also, either those two are really small, or those are some pretty honkin’ big bottles of ale… like, 40’s or something. Definitely more than a pint – maybe a litre? or 750’s?

Now I’m thirsty.

OK, and “friendship benefits” –> people blushing. Please tell me that’s not a FWB reference, I just never thought of their friendship at that level, and it would just have made the party even more awkward…

I think that is something that happened before the thing with Cassandra and Maureen.

Also, I just realized that some of the conversations in this comic take place in an asian-analog language (no idea which specific one). Was it supposed to be pretty subtle or am I really bad at noticing things?

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