billions and billions of pumamen

#1: the great starry way

#1: the great starry way published on 11 Comments on #1: the great starry way

Next time on Iothera: a page with an actual character on it! Anyway, welcome to Iothera! I’m really excited to be working on this comic, and hopefully you’ll be excited about reading it! The site’s still a bit rough around the edges, but hopefully that will all get squared away in the next few days.


#7: moon shots

#7: moon shots published on 3 Comments on #7: moon shots

get it because they’re drinking on the moon moonshots i guess it’d be funnier if they were doing shots but aloysius blake and robert cross are gentlemen really i should have saved the moonshot joke for a page with takako on it but i’m naming this page at an ungodly hour