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#70: the unknown

#70: the unknown published on 10 Comments on #70: the unknown

And that’s it for Chapter One! Thank you so much for reading Iothera! There isn’t a lot that makes me happier than knowing that all of you are out there listening to the story I’m telling.

I decided to commemorate the occasion by putting together an 8tracks playlist based on Chapter One: Go. I think it’s pretty neat! Maybe you’ll agree?




  1. Kaini Industries (Boards of Canada)
  2. Earth (Imogen Heap)
  3. Amsterdam (Daughter)
  4. Jellyfish Blues (Buffalo Daughter)
  5. Deja Vu (Cibo Matto)
  6. Babylon of the Occident (The Shanghai Restoration Project)
  7. Outer Space (freezepop)
  8. 26 (C418)
  9. Sleep Will Come (Bliss)
  10. Everything Goes My Way (Metronomy)
  11. pain fade down (trash80)
  12. Destiny (Zero 7)
  13. Another Day (The Album Leaf)
  14. Ice Moon (SZA)


Aha! I am immensely fortunate to have rediscovered you. As I get older, so does the Cloudy One. I don’t have quite her flair, of course. (Actually, if I met her in a dark alley or even a dimly-lit faculty lounge, I’d be intimidated.) I still look at her and see What Might Have Been, though, especially upon learning she used to play the healy role.

Best wishes to her, and to Cassandra, and most of all of course to you. 🙂

i feel like im missing some really interesting context for this comment

Hello. I call myself Tamayo when I comment on RMG’s stuff. (Is he called RMG anymore?That name was my great-grandmother’s, and my Ultima Online character’s.) When RMG writes about Takako or her predecessor Silth, I see something in those characters; they are short, slightly dumpy computer geeks who have failed in love. I dress better than Takako does though.

I edited RMG’s first comic and was active commenting on his second, neither of which seem to be on-line any longer. Then I played healer characters in WoW who sometimes kept his tank characters alive. Then … life happens.

A pleasure to meet you.

i was right, thats super interesting! cool glad you found the comic, also whos the Cloudy One?

Silth-Kaonthil was; according to RMG, “Silth” meant “cloud” in an elvish tongue. He then decided that he was done with The Midlands and that “Silth” was a silly name, so Silth became Takako, using the character 雲 (usually “kumo”) instead of one of the more typical characters for “taka”. Her surname, Kaonthil, survived into Heliothaumic as Takako’s mother’s surname; but Takako took the surname Kiyohara after RMG discovered that Sei Shounagon’s surname was probably Kiyohara.

Note: RMG’s Japanese is *lots* better than mine, so if I have misled you, I apologize.

Oh dear. I meant, “Tamayo was my great-grandmother’s name” and not what my hasty clumsy editing produced above. I don’t think I can emend what I have written so here I am to bashfully say it in an awful double-post. My apologies to all.

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