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cassie’s really short!

she tries to distract everyone from her shortness by hanging out with the kiyohara sisters all the time (combined kiyohara height: ten feet) but blake and maureen are both p. tall so her house of cards falls apart

(looking at the last page i see i probably drew dawson too tall here, though. but spoiler alert he’s not exactly a major character :V )

Hello. I like your comic, found you from that Monster Pulse fan comic. But I’ve been meaning to ask, why do elves have penises? Do male elves have penises too?

hasn’t been covered yet. she didn’t have one in the old comic, so its either new, or rmg decided to change something

Woa woah people, I just didn’t pick that little line of dialogue.

Thanks for telling me though.

But, basically, he turned into a she, to then have sex with women?

No need to google it for me.

Gender identity is a touchy subject, I’d rather avoid the “it’s bullshit vs it’s real” argument.

Altough you seem to take this subject quite seriously. Are you by chance a trans or something like that. If so, good for you if you’re happy, but getting under the knife doesn’t make you more of a man/women than you were pre-op.

I’ll never recognize Woman to man as man, and man to women as women.

I’m gonna lay some spoilers on you because my uncle works with the author: Everyone in this comic is trans, it’s important to the plot, and maybe this isn’t the comic for you if you’re uncomfortable with it?

Sorry to spoil it RMG.

Not sure if you were giving a real spoiler or just messing with “Jack” – but if everyone is trans… the drawing of the professor in panel 2 reminds me more than a little of Dr. James, the guy who does the Consonance filk convention in the Bay Area (used to be Dr. Jane). Any chance it’s a tribute? (Any chance anyone reads comments on a months-old page?)

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