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oh no i meant kiyohara and cassandra. ive been reading since the midlands but this is the first time this ship even occurred to me.

as you can see homestuck destroyed my ability to know how normal ships work.



once things were simple!! i drew pictures of revan and carth being all lovey-dovey and sided with anders/starbuck shippers over apollo/starbuck shippers in the terrible bsg ship wars. i watched return of the king and felt vaguely let down when sam and frodo didn’t kiss!!! shipping made sense back then!!!

then homestuck act 5 happened and everything went all weird


@jesse: Takassandra, Takassie, TaCass? Cassilth (if she still has Silth in her name)? Cassako? T&C? TLC (for Takako Loves Cassandra)? Roommates? Cassandra’s Dream? Maureen’s Nightmare?

Previous pages do much to recommend the Cass/Maureen (Casseen?) ship. But maybe Maureen is this incarnation’s Lidia, doomed to suffer.

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